Sustainable Square is a regional Dubai (UAE) based sustainability and thought-leadership consultancy. It provides cutting-edge Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility (CSR) strategies, practices and advice – while improving organizations’ business operations, optimizing their internal processes and enhancing the well-being of regional communities.


Sustainability Services

A 360 approach to solve all your Sustainability Challenges. Check here the variety of what we offer to our clients and partners. 

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Industries' Expertise

Different industries require different Sustainability approaches. Check here for a detailed look into our offerings for different industries. 

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Sustainability Insights

We bring you the latest regional and global Sustainability trends and insights, articles, case studies, updates and much more.

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Our Approach

We adhere to a number of global policies and are members of an increasing number of organizations in the areas of ethics, transparency and fairness.  These include organizations involved in specific business practices in sustainability, measurement, accounting and consultancy as well as general organizations that reach beyond our direct line of work.  In addition, we claim to be the first sustainability consultancy that operates in a Sharia’a compliant manner and abide by a strict moral and ethical code.  We also impart a non-contradictory fun and passion for our work and people we partner with.  

This list of partner organizations will be continuously and include:

Featured Insights
Dec 1, 2013
CSR in the Eyes of Economists
What do economists have to say about CSR?  The leading economists almost universally see CSR in its archaic [...]
Oct 20, 2013
CSR and Consumers Growing Preferences for “Ethical Consumerism”
Research on ethical consumerism, or socially conscious consumption, go back at least 38 years (e.g. Webster [...]
Jun 25, 2013
Etat des lieux sur les pratiques du RSE en Afrique du Nord
Sustainable Square Consultancy and Think Tank est un cabinet de conseil localisé à Dubai spécialisé dans [...]