Responsible Advisory Policies

We adhere to a number of global policies and are members of an increasing number of organizations in the areas of ethics, transparency and fairness.  These include organizations involved in specific business practices in sustainability, measurement, accounting and consultancy as well as general organizations that reach beyond our direct line of work.  In addition, we claim to be the first sustainability consultancy that operates in a Sharia’a compliant manner and abide by a strict moral and ethical code.  We also impart a non-contradictory fun and passion for our work and people we partner with.  

This list of partner organizations will be continuously and include:


At Sustainable Square we value partnership and associations for innovation. Partnering with local organizations affords us the ability to offer more value-added services exceeding the contract period.  We are always available for ongoing support and partnership development during and after the contract period to ensure delivery and success.  We reinvest locally and are committed to support the local community.

In short, we know the region and its intricacies and are the best suited to meet our clients’ research and advisory needs.