Everything started back in April 2011 with a stakeholder's engagement....of sorts.  Eric Hensel flew from Abu Dhabi to attend his friend’s Monaem Ben Lellahom’s wedding engagement in Amman – Jordan.  Prior to the party the two were casually catching up on varied stories of their lives and future endeavors when the discussion steered toward community development, sustainability, social impact and the need for innovative practices in the region.  In the end they identified several general challenges that companies and governments were facing.

Since they both had shared roots in “AIESEC” (The world's largest Global Youth Leadership Organization) and have extensively worked with organizations in the Arab region supporting them with their social programs, sustainability agendas and responsible performance strategies, they felt a duty to commit to slowly overhauling the prevailing business of sustainability.  Somewhere in the early hours of the morning they made that commitment and defined two entities that could achieve this, a consultancy that works to better understand existing practices and provide solutions to the region's current needs and a think tank to localize, innovate and bring together passionate minds to design long term, multiple partner ideas that will work to increase the impact of sustainability endeavors.

Eric & Monaem
Sustainable Square Founders

In January 2012, after months of development and organizational alignment, and the addition of the final piece of Sustainable Square, Hana, the three legally opened Sustainable Square Consultancy & Think Tank under the Dubai Economic Department and officially started operation to serve CSR and sustainability practitioners in the Arab world and others.

Since that time, Sustainable Square’s story has continued to evolve in the same manner it was founded; with passion, innovation, and community wide engagement.