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Posted on Aug 18, 2016 by Fatima Alattar in Articles, Community Needs Assessment with

Youth and Sustainability

With a rich natural resource base and a fast adoption of the latest technologies, the economies of developing countries have shown tremendous growth in the recent years. Much so that it is still baffling that will all that has been achieved through the efforts of Governments, NGOs, and many other development partners, some challenges still remain unsolved mainly youth related ones.  Many countries are still faced with the high rates of unemployment amongst the youth and the many negative impacts associated [...]
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Impact Investing and India

At varying points in our lives we would have come across names of the top 10 Philanthropic organisations across the world, with instances of getting overwhelmed by the scale of activity being spoken about.Let me provide an alternate theory. Let us begin with taking a combined value of these top 10 organisations which works out to roughly US$ 182 Billion (off which 23% is accounted for by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation). Let me take the liberty of including a few more variables into this – 4 Billion [...]
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Heavyweight(s) of Account-Ability

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is work in progress to a few and a wonder in progress to many.  The idea of CSR originates, with the responsibility in the extraction and consumption of capitals across intellectual resources, environmental resources and human resources to deliver the business."Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with." - Brodi Ashton When an organisation determines its exclusive CSR goals, it reflects the leadership commitment, values to achieve [...]
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قياس أثر الإستثمارات الإجتماعية للشركات و الجهات المانحة – المملكة العربيّة السعوديّة

أتيحت لي الفرصة لأقدم ورشة تدريبية  تحت عنوان "المسؤوليّة الإجتماعيّة للقيادات"  خلال الملتقى الأوّل للمسؤولية الإجتماعيّة للشركات الذي عقد في مدينة الدمام يومي 5 و 6 مارس 2014: بحضور عدد كبير من الشركات الخاصّة  و العامّة, نخبة من العاملين في المؤسسات المانحة والداعمة للعمل الإجتماعي و الجمعيات الخيريّة من عدّة مناطق من المملكة العربيّة السعوديّة.شهد الملتقى توقيع العديد من الإتفاقياّت و علاقات شراكة بين العديد من المؤسسات المانحة وكبرى الشركات من القطاع الخاص إضافة الى منح الفرصة للحضور لتبادل الخبرات [...]
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Stakeholder’s Engagement as a Key to Sustainable Growth in the Arab Region

Having strong, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with local community groups ensures that all issues are approached openly and collaboratively and improves the effectiveness of companies’ development efforts. “Companies have about as much ability to choose their stakeholders as children have to choose their parents”; the location, scale and nature of operations are main factors that determine who is supposed to form the stakeholder group of a particular company and with whom organizations [...]
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Measuring Social Impact – “Creating The Future Of The Social Edge”

A few years ago, most of the private sector companies, or CSR donors, probably wouldn’t have thought to ask organizations like INJAZ, Emirates Foundation and other non-profit organization in the region, what impact their financial or in-kind contribution will have at the end.They all have social, environmental and economic impacts that have an effect on the broader communityHow will they know when they have succeeded?How should they measure their social outputs?How should they measure the value of [...]
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