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CSR in the Eyes of Economists

What do economists have to say about CSR?  The leading economists almost universally see CSR in its archaic practice, as a waste.  Milton Friedman, an economist-idol says “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits”.I now understand why I am such a skeptic of CSR and sustainability and, for that matter, NGOs.  I am an economist.  It is nearly impossible for us, bottom line thinkers, to evaluate, assess, and report that CSR activities are worthwhile for anything more than a promotional [...]
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Stakeholder’s Engagement as a Key to Sustainable Growth in the Arab Region

Having strong, honest and mutually beneficial relationships with local community groups ensures that all issues are approached openly and collaboratively and improves the effectiveness of companies’ development efforts. “Companies have about as much ability to choose their stakeholders as children have to choose their parents”; the location, scale and nature of operations are main factors that determine who is supposed to form the stakeholder group of a particular company and with whom organizations [...]
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CSR and Consumers Growing Preferences for “Ethical Consumerism”

Research on ethical consumerism, or socially conscious consumption, go back at least 38 years (e.g. Webster 1975), but it is a topic today of a growing interest in customer researches and marketing practices.Ethical consumerism means that consumers are increasingly showing interest to know from where their goods are sourced and if they are sourced, made and distributed ethically.The evolution of this behavior has led to a rise in responsible decision making in the global market for ethical products [...]
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Etat des lieux sur les pratiques du RSE en Afrique du Nord

Sustainable Square Consultancy and Think Tank est un cabinet de conseil localisé à Dubai spécialisé dans les pratiques du Responsabilité et Soutenabilité des Entreprise (RSE), vient de rendre public son rapport d’état des lieux sur les pratiques RSE en Afrique du Nord précisément (Algérie, Maroc et Tunisie) suite à une enquête conduite auprès d’un échantillon représentatif des grandes entreprises industrielles, tous secteurs confondus, et valider par des experts en la matière de chacun des trois pays.Le [...]
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