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Posted on Dec 22, 2013 by Monaem Benlellahom in Articles, Sustainability Reporting with

Is anyone reading your sustainability reports?

Sustainability reports are the trending communication tool for the progressive and forward thinking organization. With the average report weighing in at 75-100 pages, these hefty publications carry within them valuable (or sometimes not so much) information on the organization’s impact on the economy, the environment and society.Touted as the next most important publication after the organization’s financial statements, sustainability reports still have a lot of ground to gain that will lend them the [...]
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Social Media as a Driving Force in Companies’ Sustainability Agendas

One of the key learnings of British Petroleum’s oil spill was the way the company has badly managed communications, discomforted the public audience, and weakly disclosed on news related to its environmental mess. We have learned, big time, that at times of crisis, companies are obliged to be as open and transparent as possible and expeditiously communicate updates to different stakeholders’ impacted.Until recently, the concept of corporate sustainability and responsibility (CSR) among businesses has [...]
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Rapport sur la Responsabilité et Soutenabilité des Entreprises (RSE) : Etat des lieux en Afrique du Nord

Rapport sur la Responsabilité et Soutenabilité des Entreprises (RSE) : Etat des lieux en Afrique du Nord - Articles de presse au MarocL'Economiste MaghrebinLe Matin du MarocMaroc PressLe Chemin du Maroc [...]
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Etat des lieux sur les pratiques du RSE en Afrique du Nord

Sustainable Square Consultancy and Think Tank est un cabinet de conseil localisé à Dubai spécialisé dans les pratiques du Responsabilité et Soutenabilité des Entreprise (RSE), vient de rendre public son rapport d’état des lieux sur les pratiques RSE en Afrique du Nord précisément (Algérie, Maroc et Tunisie) suite à une enquête conduite auprès d’un échantillon représentatif des grandes entreprises industrielles, tous secteurs confondus, et valider par des experts en la matière de chacun des trois pays.Le [...]
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Dots On Sustainability Reporting And Disclosure Practices.

INTRODUCTIONIncreasingly, organizations are identifying Sustainability material issues relevant to their business and addressing them strategically through Sustainability programs. They didn’t stop there, but have also increasingly started to disclose data on these matters. In contrast to financial reporting, the history of Sustainability reporting is comparatively recent. Alternatively presented as non-financial disclosure, it has increased to become the buzz word in the business today. In order to [...]
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