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The Global Business Sustainability Roadmap 2015

Every year, experts share their views and predictions on the most critical upcoming CSR and sustainability trends. Their opinions are widely shared within social media channels and may even become topical lectures for freeriding university professors.After examining as many articles as I could regarding the 2015 global sustainability trends, I noticed a “trend” of my own; there was no real trend at all.  After questioning whether my peers really understand the meaning of the word trend, I came to the [...]
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Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain

 Our Co-Founder Monaem Ben Lellahom article on: Sustainable Supply Chain to Drive Financial and Economic Growth on (The Magazine for CSR and Sustainability Leaders) CSR Competitiveness Magazine - July 2013
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Sustainable Supply Chain To Drive Financial And Economic Growth: Middle East Context

INTRODUCTIONIn recent years, the sustainability industry has evolved to include almost all areas of business processes. Due to the dramatic strides sustainability has made and its holistic nature, it is understandable that the two most apparent areas, the environment and society, would receive much of our attention.  There has been a lack of concern for the area of the economy and alignment with business needs.  Moreover, it has not been used enough as a mechanism to enhance the supply chain or product [...]
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