Carbon Management

We work with organizations to measure their carbon impact as well as identify and implement strategies to reduce and off-set impact.

The GHG (Green House Gas) report allows for organizations to track and report on GHG emissions, to help organizations to identify opportunities to cut pollution, minimize wasted energy, and save money add. A GHG report contains 3 scopes. Scope 1 covers all direct GHG emitted by an organization, Scope 2 covers indirect GHG emissions from consumption of electricity, heat or steam, and lastly scope 3 covers other indirect emissions not covered within Scope 2, and is also known as value chain emissions.

Environmental impact assessment (EA) allows for organizations to assess the negative and positive consequences of a plan, policy, program, or concrete projects prior to commencing, in order for the organizations to make an informed decision and necessary action plan moving forward.

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