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The sustainability concerns of the financial sector are varied. Some are generic concerns that parallel other industries: concerns such as environmental policies and management systems, social concerns and developments. However the banking sector also has a unique power of control that comes from its financial assists and them partaking in the investments that could directly help global environmental and social initiatives.

What we Offer?

At Sustainable Square we have accumulated experience in working with leading banks and financial institutions in the Arab world while supporting them with:

  • Designing responsible financing products, policies and programs.
  • Increasing financial transparency and integrity
  • Measuring impact of bank’s social programs
  • Structuring good governance and effective risk management
  • Complying with all relevant laws, regulations and industry standards
  • Mitigating environmental impact


Ethical Banking (LINK)

GRI Sustainability Financial Sector Supplement (LINK)  

Banking on sustainability: is the financial sector doing enough? (LINK)

Towards a New Era of Sustainability in the Banking Industry (LINK

Banking and Finance
Banking and Finance
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