Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

FMCG sector is experiencing a tremendous growth globally and regionally. Most Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers and retailers are stating that sustainability is increasingly central to their business; With the economic downturn putting budgets under pressure, the need to cut costs was the most commonly reported reason for companies to introduce sustainability to their operations. FMCG companies have now started taking sustainability seriously.

Most brands link themselves with the social causes, thereby linking consumers with the brands and gaining goodwill in the market. They started examining the issue of consumer demand, improvements of products and the processes involved in their production and delivery in order to provide opportunities for the industry to reduce its environmental impact in terms of reducing wasted resources and unnecessary spend.

FMCG manufacturers and retailers raising ethical standards by, for example, promoting fair-trade, setting up international standards around sustainable sourcing and animal welfare, focusing on health, nutrition and lifestyle, promoting ethical consumerism, supporting social enterprises, and conserving water.

What we Offer?

Sustainable Square works with companies and stakeholders across all stage of product life cycle to address sustainability expectations and integrate ethical, social, and environmental practices into their value chain.

Our sustainability unique services for the FMCG firms include:

  • Responsible consumerism
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Product sustainability
  • Responsible Supply Chain
  • Product and Service labeling
  • Purpose Driven Marketing and Social Communications


Sustainability of our global Food System (LINK)

GRI Sustainability Food Processing Sector Supplement (LINK)

Sustainable food production: Facts and Figures (LINK)

Fast Moving Consumer Goods
Fast Moving Consumer Goods
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