Industrial and Energy

We've long been aware of negative environmental impacts from the oil and gas, coal, metals, energy and mining industries. Today there is a growing pressure on their environmental and social impacts which resulted on many industrial and energy companies started investing in incorporating sustainability into their core business operations in order to reduce growing risks and complexities that threaten their ability to meet their business performance goals.

However, the key challenge for them remain to be how to develop business strategies and practical implementation plans to enhance economic performance, while demonstrating the highest standards of environmental stewardship, labor standards, anti-corruption, health and safety, human rights and socially responsible performance.

What we Offer?

At Sustainable Square we have accumulated experience in working with leading energy and industrial organizations in the Arab world while supporting them with: 

  • Identification and implementation of sustainability performance indicators
  • Conduct Socio-Economic Impact Analysis (SEIA) for development projects
  • Production of GRI sustainability reports and stakeholders engagement
  • Verification of supplier adherence with code of conduct and legal requirements


GRI Sustainability Metals and Mining Sector Supplement (LINK)

GRI Sustainability Electric Utilities Sector Supplement (LINK)

Towards a New Era of Sustainability in the Energy Industry (LINK)

4 signs of sustainability from oil, gas and mining companies (LINK)

Industrial and Energy
Industrial and Energy
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