Media and Journalism

Transparency has become a large issue for all businesses, including the media industry. The recession, coupled with citizen journalism, social media, and controversies such as News Corp’s, media companies must compete on the basis of ethical guidelines. As a result of that, the media industry has become subject to general sustainability and responsibility concerns such as their environmental programs, emission reduction programs, and other (internal and external) stakeholder. However, the media industry has a whole different set of sustainability objectives since it provides an entirely different service of researching and relaying information to the public.

What we Offer?

We work with media companies to integrate sustainability into business strategies and put in place policies for responsible advertisement, freedom of expression, ethical news diffusion, transparency and integrity and other community social programs.


GRI Sustainability Media Sector Supplement (LINK)

What is the media's 'brainprint' for sustainability? (LINK)

Starting a conversation about sustainability in the news media industry (LINK)

Media and Journalism
Media and Journalism
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Jan 9, 2016
غرفة عجمان توقع إتفاقية تعاون لمركز عجمان للمسؤوليّة المجتمعيّة
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Dec 5, 2013
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