Transport and Logistics

The development of our Arab economies relies on advancing our transport systems and logistics solutions, which are vital for economy and trade. Transportation, logistics and supply-chain management represents a field of inquiry with tremendous impact on businesses and society. How the sector is the second most visible industry in the global effort to control climate change after the energy sector.

With increasing societal and regulatory expectations for the sector's positive contribution to a low-carbon economy, transportation and logistics organizations are requested to highly contribute on the sustainable development of our economies and communities.

What we Offer?

Sustainable Square works with companies and stakeholders across the supply chain to address sustainability expectations and integrate ethical, social, and environmental practices into their logistics value chain.

Our sustainability services for the transports and logistics include:

  • Compliance and assurance
  • Corporate strategy and public policy in relation to climate change
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Performance management
  • Carbon markets transactions


Sustainable Transport (LINK)

GRI Sustainability Logistics and Transportation Sector Supplement (LINK)

GRI Sustainability Airport Operators Sector Supplement (LINK)

Sustainable Transportation - EYE on the United Arab Emirates (LINK)

Sustainable Supply Chain Middle East Context. (LINK)

Transport and Logistics
Transport and Logistics
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Dec 14, 2013
Sustainable Transportation – EYE on the United Arab Emirates
For long-term sustainable development to be achieved, the various activities within a society must be adapted [...]