An Expert at Social Responsibility and Sustainability, Founding Partner KSA . Sr. Sustainability & Social Investment Advisor at Sustainable Square KSA, active in Public Relations, responsible for training young men & women in volunteer work.

My passion about social development is the reason behind dedicating more than 12 years in community service. after realizing that the real wealth of man lies in the good deeds they give to others, so I decided to invest in youth regarding volunteer work. I’m certified coach in basic skills of volunteer work from Saudi Volunteer Organization.

Later on I became an active member in Working from Home Women Committee of the Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Saudi-Spanish Business Council & development consultant to a number of charity organizations.

The Investment in youth is the real investment, Knowing that led me to participate as a motivational speaker at many youth conferences. I’m also a co-founder of the social initiatives Thursday Meeting and As well as being a judge in both The ISRAR Award and The ISRAR Show which is one of the top initiatives at HRDF.

Believing of the effective role of women in society is driving me to show a practical example of how a successful Saudi woman could be through her achievements.