“Over the past five years, Sustainable Square has worked with clients to create shared values impacting their businesses, through sustainability, transparency & disclosure, responsible investment and social impact.  Our impact has reached the middle east, north African region and Indian region.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Hub in East Africa and our new office in Kenya, Which is headed by Enock Momany Nyache our Senior Sustainability and Social Investment Advisor.” Monaem Ben Lellahom, Global Founding Partner.

“East Africa’s economies have grown rapidly owing to the rise of local, regional investors and the fast adoption of new technologies and innovations. However achieving sustainable development goals still poses a complex challenge that calls for a multi-sector approach to reach solutions.

Sustainable Square Kenya recognizes the role the private sector can play in addressing the challenges. We work with businesses to create a blended value that combines economic return on investment, social return SROI and Impact investment”  Enock Momany Nyache,  Senior Sustainability and Social Investment Advisor.