Social Impact Measurement (SROI)

Social impact is mostly measured intangibly on the basis of direct feedback from the beneficiaries, surveys, or soft methods of comparing to organizational or society targets or goals.  More often they are reported in terms of capital invested or number of beneficiaries.  This is would equate, in the business world, to reporting corporate earnings based on expenses rather than earnings and measuring success by the number of consumers of a certain good or service.  In other words, current social measurement trends are not at all indicative of success.   Our social impact measurement (based on the global SROI - Social Return on Investment - model) service converts social change into financial terms, parallel to and in the same language as a year-end financial report.

We are proud that we have successfully produced 95% of the Social Impact Measurement (based on SROI) analyses in the Arab world and we continue working with more organizations to promote this practice and start applying it to social and community investment programs in the Arab region.

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