Sustainability Assessment & Analysis

Assessment and analysis are cornerstone decision-making and accountability tools used to begin planning your sustainability agenda or to realign your sustainability path. Conducting a sustainability assessment is an essential step for starting the sustainability journey as it helps:

  • Reviewing all previous sustainability investments,
  • Analyzing the gap between the value of planned sustainability investments and actual outcomes,
  • Gaining internal buy-in of your senior management,
  • Identify and evaluate stakeholder interests, influences, and concerns,
  • Benchmarking against global best practices and
  • Mapping sustainability risks and opportunities

At Sustainable Square we relate to international guidelines (i.e.: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), ISO26000, GHG Protocol guidelines and other standards) and our advanced practices related to Social Return on Investment (SROI) in order to conduct comprehensive assessments and provide our clients with the most appropriate method for sustainability analysis.

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