Sustainability Strategy & Integration

This ensures that multiple business units are working side-by-side in achieving your sustainability agenda. Here we will define the material issues and define your long-term focus and commitment to sustainability investment. At Sustainable Square, we take an incremental, step-by-step approach to meeting our clients’ needs and building their sustainability agenda that is integrated with their primary strategies and operations. Our experts have previously consulted for various profit and non-profit organizations helping them to design, integrate and implement their sustainability strategies.

Sustainability strategy and integration is produced by: 

  • Utilizing sustainability assessment outcomes to define material opportunities and issues,
  • Setting KPIs, performance metrics, and management methods to ensure that sustainability goals are monitored and tracked,
  • Integrating results with business strategies, processes and priorities; and
  • Engaging stakeholders in contributing constructively to sustainability decision-making, objectives, and activities.

Upon completion you will have clear agenda that identifies focus areas for long-term sustainability investment.

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