When your ultimate vision is to become a global Sustainability focal Square and your main responsibility is to engage people to positively impact the planet, spread ethical practices in the community and business world, you can never stop looking for the most innovative, responsible and hard worker talents.

Hereunder, you can find some detailed information regarding our work environment, our selection and screening process and our up-to-date available vacancies. We are looking forward to receiving your application. Good Luck!

Sustainablle Square Careers

Global Outreach: 

We are a young team that serves more than 15 countries in the Middle East and Africa region. Our long term expansion plan aims to develop local regional experiences globally that will drive the establishment of sub-offices which eventually will be led by people from the local communities.

Ongoing Support: 

We are excited to show you around and introduce you to our opportunities. You’ll also receive on-going support to meet your individual needs and aspirations as well as hands-on support to develop a long-term career in our field.


We will give you every opportunity to stretch yourself and take on increasing responsibilities. The consultancy market is highly competitive so you can expect constant challenges in your daily work.


Sustainable Square is filled with energetic people sparking revolutions and creating the future. The work environment in our field is characterized by forward-thinking. We’re passionate about innovation and actively encourage new ideas to help direct change and deliver success.


At Sustainable Square you can see precisely how your actions affect the rewards you receive. As a business, we aim to grow and create shareholder value. If you help us achieve those goals, we'll reward you well. We are a firm where talented individuals can go as far and as fast as their ambition and achievements take them. We make every effort to provide the kind of rewards and benefits that will complement your own particular needs and lifestyle.

In general, we are aware that to attract and retain the best people, we must offer them more. More ways to take advantage of the opportunities, more room to succeed and grow, and more directions in which to pursue their careers.


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Application Process:

You may expect the interview process to be rigorous and demanding. We're looking for people with strong entrepreneurial drive and the endurance to follow through. We want the talented with hungry minds, great social skills and strong dedication to learn and succeed in their careers.

Your application must include:

  • Your resume and cover letter. Video cover letters are nearly mandatory.  Record yourself speaking in a 3-minute video and upload it to YouTube or send it to us.  Ask if you have any questions.
  • A demonstration of your passions, motivations for applying and your drive for the CSR and Sustainability field. Tell us how your skills and expertise would contribute to this dynamic, creative and hardworking team.
  • Reports, proposals, articles or general writing you have written or collaborated on.  If none exist, then write a brief report on a sustainable issue or topic local to you (or if possible, local to our operations).

Send all the documents to

After submitting all above documents Sustainable Square's team will review your profile.  If your qualifications meet our needs, you may be contacted for the interview stage resembling the following:

  • First Interview:

The interview is informative and interactive as a result of our team's effort to make certain that we know enough about you to ensure that your career interests are aligned with our company goals.  We also want to be sure that you have enough information about us to make correct decision as to where to align your professional career.  If your qualifications meet our search needs, you will be contacted for a second interview.

  • Second Interview:

The second interview may be an opportunity for you to tell us just how you will be suitable for us and why you would be right for the role.  Be sure to share your achievements.  Don’t forget to ask us what we can offer you.  At this stage we may ask you to prepare a short presentation, article or writing based upon your area of potential expertise in the business.

  • Final Interview:

In case you successfully pass all the previous stages in the interview process, our next step may be to communicate with you regarding a package which may contain a job offer with related benefits.


We are constantly looking for the very best people and will make concessions to find them. Nationality, background and work experience are not of utmost importance, but passion, dedication, drive and motivation are crucial.   Applicants should be assertive, know what they are applying for and why and bring something unique to the table.  

We are equal opportunity employers.  However, it is required to have a specialty in an area of operations or thoroughly know a locale where we operate.  Generally we do not hire outside of those two criteria.  First priority is given to someone from the area in which we need them, followed by someone with regional experience, then finally someone from abroad.

If you’re unsure of where you might fit in, send your cover letter and CV to

We’ll write back if we have a position for you.