Sustainability Management

We work with organizations to help them become more resilient against social, environmental and ethical risks by empowering them to embed sustainability within all business units, identify and track key performance indicators as well as report on their annual sustainability performance

We work with organizations to help them conduct a stakeholder-driven materiality exercise that results in the identification of key material issues that have an influence on the future sustainability of the business

We work with organizations to measure the quality of their sustainability policies, products, programs, strategies, and Key Performance Indicators, against industry peers and competitors

We work with organizations to assure and audit the data mentioned in their annual sustainability reports as per international standards such as Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Protocol, AA1000 and ISAE3000. Our goals are to provide organizations with a gap-analysis of their current report, as well as verify and certify the data against international benchmarks

We support organizations with reporting their annual sustainability performance aligned with the global GRI standards. We do this through an effective and thorough engagement with all the departments and stakeholders in order to capture organizational sustainability progress of an organization

We work with organizations to assess, plan and embed sustainability KPIs in their product life cycle, in order to mitigate social, environmental and ethical risks.  Our goals are, to identify the most promising opportunities for improvement through identification of the most impactful materials, processes and activities, and to communicate life-cycle sustainability benefits

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